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Sweet Mom's Candy Crown

Sweet Mom's Candy Crown

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Ages 3 and upAges 3 and Up
Duration: Under One Hour
Mom is definitely "Queen for a Day" on Mother's Day, so why not crown her with a candy tiara?
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  • 1 sheet of 11 1/2 inch by 18 inch craft foam
  • Safety scissors
  • Cellophane tape
  • One-hole punch
  • Craft glue gun
  • 2 yards of 3/4 inch decorative ribbon
  • Assorted WONKA candies(R) NERDS Rope, TART 'N TINYS, RUNTS

  • Print out the crown template twice. Cut out both templates and tape together as shown in the diagram.

  • Trace the taped templates onto a piece of colored fun foam.

  • Following the template diagram, use a one-hole punch to make two holes at each end of the crown.

  • Place the crown on a flat surface and arrange the candy in a decorative pattern.

  • Once you have chosen your design, glue the candies to the fun foam with a craft glue gun.

  • Let the glued candies dry for several minutes.

  • Now you are ready to lace the ribbon through the holes that you punched at either end of the crown.

  • Insert a ribbon end through the top hole on either side of the crown. Pull the ribbon through each hole to the back of the crown so that there is an equal amount or ribbon on each side.

  • Cross the ribbons and insert each end through the opposite holes from the back of the crown to the front.

  • Lift the band of ribbon that is in front, over the points of the crown, so that it aligns with the other two ribbons in the back.

  • You should now have three bands of ribbons in back with the end section of each ribbon coming through the bottom hole from back to front.

  • To "crown" your Queen, make an opening between the crown and the three ribbon bands and place it on her head. She can then gently pull on the ribbon ends to tighten the crown to fit.

  • Let Mom really feel like a Queen by serving her breakfast in bed.

  • Play a game of "The Queen Says" using the same rules as "Simon Says."
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