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Valentine Card Fun

Valentine Card Fun

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Ages 3 and upAges 3 and Up
Duration: Under One Hour
Valentine cards that are created by your child are a special treat. Make them a 'sweet' treat with the addition of Valentine candy!
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  • 1 sheet of laser paper for each card
  • Crayons or markers 
  • Safety scissors 
  • Craft glue gun 
  • Double sided cellophane tape 
  • 1 bag of SWEETARTS HEARTS 
  • 1 bag each of NESTLÉ CRUNCH and BUTTERFINGER Hearts


  • Help your child make a Valentine card list.  
  • Print out the Valentine cards from the templates (one set for each person on the list): Template1 Template2 
  • Have your child color the cards with either crayons or markers.  
  • Use safety scissors to cut out each card.  
  • They can add their friend's name and theirs in the appropriate places. 
    Fold the colored valentine in half, length wise then width wise to form the card.  
  • Glue little SWEETARTS Hearts to the fronts of the card, using a craft glue gun.  
  • Place a square of double sided cellophane tape on the back of one or two NESTLÉ CRUNCH or BUTTERFINGER Hearts and secure them to the middle of the inside of each card.  
  • These tasty little cards are now ready to delight classmates and family on Valentine's Day.


  • If these cards are being made for classroom giving, make sure that every classmate receives one and, don't forget the teacher!
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