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Lucky Leprechaun Lunch
Tips & Ideas

Lucky Leprechaun Lunch

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Ages 6 and upAges 6 and Up
Duration: Under One Hour
They say that 'Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day', so pack your child a St Patrick's Day lunch filled with food to celebrate the day!
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  • Gold 8 inch by 10 inch two handled gift bag (available at greeting card or craft stores)
  • 1 sheet of green card stock
  • Gold puffy paint
  • Glue stick
  • Narrow green ribbon (2 feet)
  • 1 St. Patrick's Day lunch (see below)
  • 1 Leprechaun's Surprise (see below)

  • Print out shamrock diagram onto green card stock, cut out.

  • With a glue stick, glue the shamrock onto the front of the gold bag.

  • Paint your child's name to the front of the shamrock with gold puffy fabric paint.

  • Tie the bag closed with a green ribbon.

  • Fill the decorated bag with a St. Patrick's Day Lunch. For example:
    • A Shamrock shaped sandwich (use a shamrock cookie cutter)
    • Green celery sticks, green apple wedges and green olives.
    • Leprechaun's Surprise (see below)

Leprechaun's Surprise

  • Recipe for Chocolate Chip Shamrocks
  • 1 - green #1 lunch pack paper bag (3 1/2 by 6 3/4 inches)
  • 12 inch length of narrow gold ribbon
  • 1 unlined index card
  • 1 green ink pen

  • Place several Chocolate Chip Shamrocks into the small green bag.
  • On an unlined index card, or other small sheet of paper, write a limerick* from the Leprechaun to your child. For Example: 
       A Leprechaun leaves you this treat 
       That he thinks is awfully neat! 
       It's an Irish surprise 
       From that sneaky green guy 
       That is Wonderful, and hard to beat!

  • Place the limerick inside the bag with the Shamrocks.

  • Tie the filled bag with narrow gold ribbon and tuck inside your child's Lucky Leprechaun Lunch.

    limerick (lim'ur•ik),
    A kind of humorous poem in which lines one, two and five rhyme, and lines three and four form a rhymed couplet.
    [1895-1900; Limerick, Ireland]
    Random House Websters College Dictionary Copyright 1997
    by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Check out a book on Irish Limericks from the library to share with your children on St. Patrick's Day.

  • Help your children write their own limericks. Everyone can read the limerick that they've written at the dinner table on St. Patrick's Day.
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