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Tide Pool Viewer

Tide Pool Viewer

Average User Rating: 55555 | 8 Ratings
Ages 6 and upAges 6 and Up
Duration: Over One Hour
Our handheld Tide Pool Viewer lets kids see beneath the surface of the water to make aquatic life easily visible!
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  • 1 empty 21.8 oz. NESQUIK Powder canister
  • Craft knife
  • Permanent colored markers
  • Craft glue
  • 1 1/2 gallon flat bottom plastic storage bag
  • 2 heavy rubber bands
  • Masking or duct tape

  • (PARENTS ONLY) Use a craft knife to cut off the bottom of the canister. Cut up about 1/2 inch from the bottom edge.

  • Print out the sea creature template.

  • Let your child color the sea creatures and cut them out using safety scissors.

  • Glue the colored sea creatures to one side of the canister.

  • Set the canister inside a 1/2 gallon flat bottom plastic storage bag.

  • Pull the top of the bag up over the top opening of the canister forming a tight seal. Secure on the inside with duct or masking tape.

  • To help make the Tide Pool Viewer extra watertight, place one thick rubber band near the bottom of the canister and one near the top.

  • Tide Pool Viewer at tide pools, of course. But your kids can also view interesting underwater happenings in shallow areas at a lake or stream or pond.

  • Only immerse the Tide Pool Viewer partially into the water. If water gets inside the canister, the underwater view will be obscured.

  • Don't forget that an adult who can swim needs to be with small children whenever they play near the water.

  • Help your child remember the things that he or she saw through the Tide Pool Viewer. Make a list and take it with you to your local aquarium or tropical fish store. As you walk past all of the fish tanks try to match up the items on the list.
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