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Teacher's Back-to-School Kit

Teacher's Back-to-School Kit

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Ages 6 and upAges 6 and Up
Duration: Under One Hour
Give your child's new teacher a warm welcome with a "Teacher's Back-to-School Kit!"
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To decorate the canister:

  • 1 empty 40.7 NESTLÉ NESQUIK canister
  • Yellow construction paper 
  • 2 sheets of red craft foam 
  • 1 sheet of brown craft foam 
  • 1 sheet of green craft foam 
  • 1 packet of stickers (back to school themed) 
  • Craft foam letters (1 1/2 inch) 
  • Safety scissors 
  • Craft glue 
  • Tissue paper (optional)

To fill the canister:

  • Pens  
  • Pencils  
  • Ruler  
  • Small notepad  
  • Paper clips  


  • Clean out an empty 40.7 oz. NESQUIK canister.  
  • Cover the outside of the canister with yellow construction paper.  
  • Print out the apple template and trace two apple images onto the red craft foam. The apples should measure approximately 8 1/2 inches high by 11 1/2 inches wide. 
  • Cut out two apple stems from the brown craft foam and two leaves from the green craft foam.  
  • Now, glue one stem piece to top inside #162er of each apple and one leaf to the top outside #162er of each apple.  
  • Glue the apples to the outside of the canister, directly across from each other so that you have an apple with a front and a back.  
  • Use craft foam letters to spell out the teacher's name, then glue them to the front of the apple.  
  • Decorate the apple with school-themed stickers.  
  • Line the inside of the canister with tissue paper and fill with the small school supplies that you have chosen.  
  • Top off with NESTLÉ Fun Size candy bars. 


  •  If your child travels to school in a bus, or has a long walk to his or her classroom, you should replace the NESQUIK lid after filling the canister and place the finished Kit into a grocery bag with handles. The teacher's treats won't spill out and your child's gift will be a surprise when it is presented to the teacher.


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Reader Comments (1)

Posted on: 1/6/2010 8:44 AM

Posted by: JoAnn J

City: Buffalo Grove, IL

Article Rating:

This is an awesome idea -- I'm going to have my daughter do this for her teach -- even though they've been in school for a while now. Great Teacher Gift!

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