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Edible Checkers

Edible Checkers

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Ages 3 and upAges 3 and Up
Duration: Under One Hour
Be creative and weave your own checkerboard and use brightly colored candy squares as checkers!
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  • Large sheets of colored construction paper.
  • Utility knife
  • Ruler
  • 1 bag of NESTLÉ CRUNCH Minis
  • Cellophane tape
  • Foam core board (available at craft or art stores)



Woven Checkerboard

  • Print out the checkerboard templates. Template1. Template2.

  • Cut one piece of colored construction paper 12 inches by 12 1/2 inches. Fold the sheet of paper in half so that it is 12 inches by 6 1/4 inches. Cut seven slits into the paper from the folded edge to 1/8 inch from the open end. The slits should be an inch apart.

  • Select a different color of construction paper and cut seven strips, 1 inch wide by 12 inches long.

  • Open up the folded sheet of paper. Weave the paper strips through the slits, one at a time, over and under the slits. Alternate every other strip, for instance, if you started by weaving over the first slit, then weave the second strip of paper under the first slit.

  • Once you've woven all the strips through, adjust them so that they are all straight. Secure the strips in place, by putting cellophane tape along each edge (make sure you tape along the front and back edges).

  • Cut a contrasting piece of construction paper to measure 13 inches by 13 1/2 inches. Cut a piece of foam board of the same size and using a glue stick, glue them to each other.

  • Using a glue stick, secure your woven checkerboard to the foam board. Be generous with the glue.

  • Divide the CRUNCH Minis so each player has enough for a set of checkers (12 of the same color for each player).



  • The game of Checkers has been played since medieval #215 and was originally called "Draughts".

  • Checkers is a game for two players

  • Give each player twelve edible checkers of the same color (a different color for each player).

  • Have each player place his or her checkers in three horizontal rows making sure that they are all on the same color square (see diagram).

  • At the start of the game, all of the checkers may move diagonally only, always staying on the same color square.

  • Each player takes a turn moving their checker forward diagonally, the object being to capture all of their opponent's men by jumping over them into a vacant squares on the other side.

  • Any checker that reaches an empty square on their opponent's first row, becomes King. A King can move diagonally forward and backwards and can capture an opposing piece by jumping diagonally in any direction.

  • To win the game, one player must block his or her opponent's checkers so that they cannot move, or they must have captured all of them.

  • Younger children can have fun playing simple games with the candy squares. For example: Take turns stacking them to see whose stack is the highest before it falls. Then, have them count to see whose stack contained the most candies. This game teaches beginning math and is a great coordination and con#162ration exercise.

  • Introduce your children to a simple game of dominos. They can even make their own oversized domino tiles out of empty JUICY JUICE boxes (see Juice Box Dominos).

  • Practicing counting skills can be fun when you and your child make a pair of oversized dice out of two WONDERBALL boxes (see The Counting Game).
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