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How To Make A Dreidel

How To Make A Dreidel

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Ages 3 and upAges 3 and Up
Duration: Over One Hour
Kids will have fun playing with this Wonderful Dreidel that you create together.
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  • 1 - 3 x 3 x 3 inch gift box (available at box stores)
  • Craft glue gun
  • Craft knife
  • Blue spray paint
  • 1 dowel rod
  • 1 - 1 inch wooden toy wheel (available at craft store)
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Silver glitter
  • White card stock
  • Removable tape
  • 1 package of SweeTarts® for each player


  • Use a craft glue gun to seal the box.
  • Cover the box completely with blue spray paint. This may take two coats.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Cut the dowel rod so that it is 5 inches in length.
  • Paint the dowel rod and wooden toy wheel with silver acrylic paint. Let dry.
  • PARENTS ONLY: Use a craft knife to make 2 small criss-cross slits on one side of the box, right in the center. Do the same on the opposite side of the box.
  • Insert the dowel rod so that is extends 1 inch out of the bottom.
  • Slide the wooden toy wheel at the bottom end of the dowel rod and secure with hot glue.
  • Print out the template of Hebrew letters onto heavy white card stock.
  • Cut out the letters so that you are left with stencils.
  • Hold each letter in place, centered on each side of the box, secure temporarily with removable tape.
  • Paint inside the stencil with silver acrylic paint and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Do the same for all sides.


  • Place the Wonderful Dreidel in the center of the playing area.
  • Give each child one small package of SweeTarts®
  • Have each player put the same number of SweeTarts® into a pile to start the kitty.
  • Each player takes a turn spinning the dreidel.
  • The letter that is facing up when the dreidel stops tells the player what to do.

    • Gimel means you take the whole pot.
    • Hey means you win half of everything in the kitty.
    • Shin means you must add one to the pot.
    • Nun means you win nothing.


  • Let the children enjoy snacking on SweeTarts® while playing the game.


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